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Welcome to the Aansluit Suite Digipoort

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Welcome to the Aansluit Suite Digipoort

This page gives a brief introduction to the Dutch Aansluit Suite Digipoort and links to the documentation available in English.
The Aansluit Suite Digipoort provides functionality to assist software developers who want to connect to Digipoort and exchange information digitally with the government. The primary objective is to support the development of system-to-system interfaces with Digipoort. For this, the Aansluit Suite Digipoort facilitates testing, has a message validation function and contains or refers to all the necessary documentation and specifications. To access these pages of the Aansluit Suite Digipoort you need to be logged in. You can register an account here.

The Digipoort dialogue test scenarios are listed on the page Testen services. With the dialogue test you can send messages to the Aansluit Suite Service and trigger the response that you would receive in the Digipoort production environment. Messages can be validated at Validaties Digipoort.


Certificates for non-Dutch organizations
To use Digipoort and the Aansluit Suite Digipoort you need a digital certificate. For the Digipoort production environment you need a PKIoverheid certificate. These certificates can be requested at one of the qualified Certificate Service Providers (CSP). For the list of CSP’s see the Logius website. When connecting to the Aansluit Suite Service or the Digipoort Preproduction environment you can either use a PKIoverheid certificate or a Logius testcertificate. The Logius testcertificate is free and can be requested by sending an e-mail to Send your company name, a company identification number and a company website or server address.

If you are planning to use the Digipoort authorization functionality (eMachtigen & eMededelen) you need to explicitly request this at the Logius servicecenter as a foreign organization.

Notifications for Digipoort maintenance and incidents
Does your organization use a service from Logius and want to receive e-mail notifications of malfunctions, maintenance and other important Digipoort developments, register on the Logius website for “storingsmeldingen" (incident updates) and “onderhoudsmeldingen” (maintenance updates).
Available documentation in English
WUS for companies 2.0: The English specification is included in the “WUS 2.0 voor bedrijven” ZIP-file on the Logius website.

FTP 1.6.1: The English documentation is included in the the ZIP-file "Digipoort Bestandsuitwisseling FTP 1.6.1” on the Logius website.

SMTP-MTA: The English documentation is included in the the ZIP-file "Digipoort Bestandsuitwisseling SMTP-MTA” on the Logius website.

SMTP-MSA/POP3: The English documentation is included in the the ZIP-file “Digipoort Bestandsuitwisseling SMTP-MSA POP3”on the Logius website.

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